The National Club Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) is a program that aims to raise the standards of grassroots football clubs by recognising and rewarding clubs that have, or put in place, measures which ultimately contributes to quality football experiences for players, volunteers and parents.


Fundamentally, clubs play the key role in the development of football in Australia. In order to raise the overall standard of club administration at all levels of the game, a clear model that identifies and recognizes best practice in all areas of club administration will be rolled out across Australia.

The Alloway Football Club Inc. achieved our National Club Accreditation Scheme in 2013 making us the 7th club in QLD to achieve this and the first in Bundaberg and Wide Bay. On 5/2/15 the Alloway Football Club have achieved Level 2 accreditation and become the 4th club in QLD to achieve this, as well as the first club in Bundaberg and Wide Bay. 


Level 2 has raised the bar and provided the club with extra incentives and governance to run the club even more efficiently. 


(LEVEL 1 - 2007 ), (Level 2 - 2014) & (Level 3 - 2015)

HEALTHY EATING Level 1 (2014) & 2 (2015)


Good Sports is an award winning program and has grown into the biggest health initiative in Australian sport, with a network that covers every level of sport – from grassroots to elite. We’re working to tackle key health issues of alcohol, smoking, obesity and mental health.


Clubs move through the three levels of the program over 3+ years and Good Sports is there to help every step of the way.

Trials show that participating in the program leads to a 30% decrease in risky drinking in comparison to non-Good Sports clubs as well as increased supply and purchase of healthy foods in Good Sports clubs canteens.


Clubs involved in Good Sports reap the rewards of having more participants, spectators and sponsors, along with a vastly improved environment for children and families. 


Alloway Football Club inc. was the first football club in Bundaberg and Wide Bay to achieve level 1 in 2013 along with the Bundaberg Touch Association. In 2014 we have achieved level 2 and Healthy Eating Level 1. In 2015 we achieved level 3 and Healthy Eating Level 2.



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