FWB Payment Plans 2019


There are 4 ways to be made active in 2019 to play (eligible to play).


The Alloway Football Club Inc. will accept registrations once the following conditions have been met.


  1.  Fees are paid either in full during self registration (credit card) or paid manually to the Alloway FC bank prior to the season starting. Fees can also be paid by card using our eftpos machine. NOTE: No fees NO play!! Any problems with payment please contact the club.

  2. If not upfront, a payment plan with Football Wide Bay (FWB) is organised. The Alloway Football Club Inc. club fee is to be paid to the club prior to being made active. If a payment plan is organised and the club fee paid, the club will activate the registration.

  3. A direct debit payment plan organised by the individual through our Alloway FC bank account. Full fees must be finalised by the start of the season on the 16th March, 2019 to allow activation.

  4. A $150 Get Started Voucher is applied for and used to pay for the fees (Under 18's only). The outstanding amount owed will then be needed to be paid prior to the 16th March.

Regarding Payment Plans:

The recommended process for completing a payment plan is as follows:

  1. Players register to play online;

  2. Players enter ‘manual payment with club’ when registering online;

  3. Players request a payment plan through their club and pay the club component of their fees to the club;

  4. The club sends player the appropriate payment plan using the below hyperlinks;

  5. Debit Success manage the contract and payment plan in consultation with FQ Wide Bay.

  6. Clubs are not involved in managing the payment plan.


The direct debits will be managed by Debit Success and clubs will only receive a notification once they have completed the payment plan or if there is an issue with the payment plan. It is important that players fill the club field in the form, so that we can allocate the payments to the right player and club. Reminder that the payment plan does not include the club fee and I would encourage clubs to collect that fee as a mandatory up front fee to avoid having to chase up any fees.  


Please note that this is an agreement with the player, Debit Success and Football Queensland Wide Bay. Clubs cannot amend the agreement or asked for fees to be waived once the player enters into the agreement. All payment issues will be handled by Debit Success.  If there are any issues or concerns with this process, please let me know. 




Alloway Fees 2019

Payable to the Alloway Football Club Inc. if organising a payment plan. It must be paid before activation of registration is allowed.

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U/9 - U/14


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