Committee Positions Vacant

January 10, 2016

The Alloway Football Club Inc. is still calling for the following positions to ease the load on the committee for the 2016 season.


They are:
*Treasurer: (Objective: To ensure that a financial management and reporting system is put in place and operable so the club committee has an accurate understanding of the financial status of the club at all times. Hours needed per week: 3 hours)

*Fundraising Coordinator (Most fundraising ventures are planned and already organised. This position is vital to be a support for areas like our trivia night, major fundraiser, meat raffles etc. Hours needed per week: 3 hours)

*Sponsorship Coordinator: (To organise sponsors for the 2015 season and ensure reporting on sponsorship agreements is provided to committee. Hours needed per week: 3 hours)

*Volunteer Coordinator: (To liaise with volunteers in the club eg, committee, coaches, raffle helpers and look at organising volunteers to help. Hours needed per week: 3 hours)


These positions have been updated today, however a description is yet to be added onto the website. Feel free to email for a copy of the position descriptions. If interested please contact club secretary Matt Brown to nominate for a role.


Thank you also to Chad Simpson who has helped out the last few days to do the treasury reports, and has offered his services to help out on an interim base until a worthy treasurer nominates. It would be great to have a person with a finance understanding to come on board our young committee. The January meeting is this Sunday 10th January, 2016. Thanks.


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